Modern One-Room Schoolhouse

Why do we call ourselves a modern one-room schoolhouse?

We call ourselves a modern one-room schoolhouse because that’s what The New School Montgomery is.

Until the early 20th century, most children attended school in mixed age groups.The one-room schoolhouse model is better

Doesn’t it seem odd that the only place we separate people by age is in school?

Next time you’re out in public somewhere, look around.

Do you see artificial age divisions?

Do the 39 year olds at Junior League all sit together?

What about the 28 year olds at the ballgame?

How about at work? Do you only associate with people exactly your age?

What is modern schooling teaching our children about the real world and the relationships that exist there?

What experts are saying about modern one-room schoolhouses

not a modern one-room schoolhouseIn Bring back the one-room schoolhouse, education researcher, scientist, and “master integrator and instigator of productive friction,” John Seely Brown explains that “[t]he modern one-room schoolhouse provides students with the right environment to develop three particular skills critical for professional success today: independence, analytical thinking and collaboration.”

Remarking on the benefits of multi-age classrooms, Brown notes that “older students and younger students must work alongside each other, teaching and finding solutions together. Studio know-how and project-based learning are brilliant at creating a collaborative environment where this critical thinking can occur.”

In The one-room schoolhouse is the next big thing in education, Melia Robinson writes that “mixed-grade classrooms . . . the modern-day one-room schoolhouse,” might be “[t]he next big trend in education.”

Ms. Robinson notes that the innovators of this old approach with a new twist are micro-schools, which “bring[] students of all ages into the same classroom and using technology to cater the curriculum to each child’s needs. Teachers serve as facilitators, rather than lecturers, and kids learn through projects, not memorization.”

If that sounds familiar, that shouldn’t surprise you, as it is our learning model.

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