first week at our elementary school

The first week

It was the first week (ever!) at The New School Montgomery, and our elementary school students had a lot of fun getting into the swing of things.

Three of our four students have most recently attended Montessori elementary school, while our fourth comes from a traditional school background.

All of them have enjoyed the freedom that is central to our educational philosophy.

Day 1: Monday, August 13

For a detailed look at day 1 of our school, read this blog post.

Day 2: Tuesday, August 14

In addition to continuing their tech-based learning of core skills, the kids completed two art projects: projector-assisted self-portraits and mirror-assisted self-portraits.

second day of elementary school

The second art project was mirror-assisted self-portraits.

Here they are in action:

self-portraits using mirrors

Day 3: Wednesday, August 15

The third day of school included: 3-D computer-aided design, painting, yoga (P.E.), and a pool noodle battle (also P.E.).




painting (first week)

P.E.: Yoga and pool noodle battle

Day 4: Thursday, August 16

On Thursday, the students learned about–and practiced–pointillism, and also made their own butter (using heavy whipping cream and salt “churned” in containers with a marble).

Pointillism: the process

pointillism: the process

Pointillism: the results

DIY butter

Look carefully to try to figure out which student added too much salt.

DIY butter (first week)

Day 5: Friday, August 17

The highlight of the last day of the first week for our elementary students was working on kindness (painted) rocks. If you’ve seen our #thenewschoolrocks post, then you’re already familiar with the concept. Before they could put the googly eyes on the rocks, they had to try them out for themselves.

Hard at work

Closing out the first week of elementary school at The New School Montgomery

It was a great first week.

On Friday afternoon, the kids asked what was on the schedule for “tomorrow,” and were disappointed to learn that there is no school on Saturday. They’re apparently unfamiliar with the concept of TGIF.

That enthusiasm bodes well for the year (and means we’re probably doing things right).

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