The only private Micro-school in Montgomery, Alabama.

Our Montgomery, Alabama, private micro-school emphasizes choice, freedom, and personal responsibility. We don’t have uniforms, grades, tests, or lectures.

just outside The New School Montgomery

Our students learn core skills–math, reading, and writing–via technology, including Khan Academy, but they also work on multi-disciplinary projects.

Rather than memorizing facts and figures, they learn to think. Instead of listening to lectures, they pursue knowledge via projects on topics that interest them.

Boston College psychology professor and author Peter Gray has posited that “children come into the world biologically designed to educate themselves.” He supports his position, in part, by citing to non-Micro-schools are where "Montessori meets Silicon Valley." Nick Gillespietraditional schools.

Because they self-direct, we guide our students in pursuing their passion and purpose. Instead of grouping students by age, they work across age groups. The way the real world works.

Our Micro-School produces linchpins, not cogs

Author and entrepreneur Seth Godin says, “[T]he future belongs to those that can do two things: Lead and Solve Interesting Problems.”

According to Godin, “the organized educational system is about compliance, accreditation and most of all, certifying that students know how to obey.”

In this 8 minute clip, Seth Godin discusses the problem with the educational (and societal) status quo, and perfectly captures our philosophy.

After watching, ask yourself, “Do I want my child to be a cog or a linchpin?”



The NEXT School of Mumbai, provides a great video explanation of why the traditional approach to education is no way to educate for the future:


If you answer yes to the following 3 questions, your child belongs at The New School Montgomery

Do you want your child to:

(1) Lead and solve interesting problems?

(2) Become a linchpin rather than a cog?

(3) Learn to learn rather than to obey and comply?

If so, please read more about our private micro-school in Montgomery, Alabama (the only one of its kind in the River Region).

If you decide that we can help your child achieve great things, please apply today.